J. H. Denson International Business/Foreign Language Scholarship

This scholarship is to recognize students who have dedicated their time and efforts towards study and research in marketing and shown a proficiency in mastering marketing as a subject matter. It is intended to reward business students who have shown ability to apply marketing theory towards practical application. The scholarship must encourage continued study in marketing; therefore, the award will be granted only upon verification the candidate has enrolled in a full time program in upper division curriculum at a four-year institution.
This scholarship is awarded to a sophomore student (having completed a minimum of 24 units) Business/Marketing Major with at least 15 of these units at Fullerton College and maintaining at least a 2.5 G.P.A. 9 units of this must be from marketing courses, 3 of which in a 200 level course. Candidate must submit a copy of a term paper from one of these course. The Student must be graduating and transferring to a four-year university or institution continuing their major in Marketing. The candidate selection will be made by two faculty members from the Marketing department.